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1 Thing to view When Pandora Reports

Pandora reports on friday, and financial writers will talk up the growth.Fuzz.We know pandora reports monthly projected readers metrics.Folks can also talk up the likely red ink.We be sure that, because.

Having said that, the one area where pandora can really blow investors away is by proving that more than 1% of its users seem to have been paying to use the site.

Through this video, longtime fool contributor explains why having just 12% of revenue coming from subscribers is a problem for a music website.No other major player sees it in that possition.

Spotify has millions of paying Cheap Pandora Bracelets leads.

Even sirius xm radio receiver based subscribers have to pay an extra $3.50 a month for internet surging content online.

Now google has its all access Milagrofilms music reoccuring service that was announced last week.

For pandora to have 70 million active monthly attendees is great, but having 69 million of them tuning in free of charge is not.

Pandora has won a lot of devotees among music fans but few supporters on wall street.The online jukebox seems redefining the way we consume music, a shift that's only likely to grow.But high royalty rates and competition from all corners threatens to silence the particular business.Can pandora translate success with its listeners into a prosperous business model that delivers for investors?Find out about the in the motley fool's new premium research report.All you must do is to subscribe to this invaluable investor's resource.

Longtime fool contributorrick munarriz has no position in any stocks refered to.The motley fool proposes and owns shares of google.Try any of our foolish information sheet services free for 30 days.We fools don't all hold that opinions, but we all teach considering a diverse range of insights makes us better investors.The motley fool has a disclosure contract.


14k white gold or platinum

Gold within prime metals produced by nature and ever since its discovery by mankind, its shine teeth whitening, color and unique properties have always made every one love it.Truly talking, whenever we think or talk of gold what first enters our mind is 'precious'.Being precious is perhaps a legacy of 'gold', that it will hold for our children and grandchildren.It has a atomic number of 79 and is classed as as a metal.Its logo is au, which proceeds from the latin word aurum.

Gold is considered to be the most malleable and ductile metal to have been located, it can get so malleable that we can make out sheets so thin that we could see through them.

Some real estate belongings of golda part from being extremely ductile and malleable, gold also has another kind of unique properties like it doesn't corrode and is very unreactive in nature.It is due to this property that it retains its shine and lustre for quite some time without forming any oxide with air.

Such properties of gold also make its extraction quite easy as mostly it can be found in pure form or else mixed with some other metal.Since it doesn't react with even the most aimed acids it can be separated from other metals like silver, or polished of any dirt using acids.Mostly nitric acid is used for this specific purpose which also serves as the standard chemical for testing of gold made things by goldsmiths.

The only substance that dissovles gold is mercury and the other being 'aqua regia' which is a number of acids.Mercury has been used by people in gold's extraction for evere?

White goldbefore plunging into the facts of 14k white gold lets first see what white gold really is?You see gold is absolutely soft in its pure form, otc it is called 24k gold.It is so soft that you can bend even a thick wire with you.Nearly jewellery made with 24k gold is useless.Therefore to really make it harder certain metals are added to the pure gold.

Copper and silver are the easiest ones which not just increase gold's hardness but also change its color.There are wide and varied ratios of adding this impurity like if i add.250g of alloy in 1g of gold it is termed 18k gold, Thus this 1g of gold will likely have.750g of pure gold bullion.These quantities range from ratio 18/24(75% gold and 25% combination).Like wise you will 22k, 21k, 18k and 14k of gold precious metals, which are the most favored ones.

The 22k of gold is regarding some one in the sub continent where as 18k is more popular among western people.

Now white gold or platinum is usually 18k or 14k gold, but the important things is that what alloy should be added to make pure gold into white gold.The actual alloys used for making white gold are nickel, palladium or some times gold.These metals customize yellowish appearance of gold into whitish.

Even though this 18k gold is not completely white and after polishing the finished jewellery item, one has to plate it with rhodium get back shiny white.Men and women thing that palladium or platinum are white gold, however it is only a disbelief as they are entirely different metals and palladium is used only as an alloy in white gold.

Silver and copper are added in white gold to make it soft as 18k gold is actually hard and 14k is even harder.However if we use only copper in making 18k gold it will make it all red and unattainable.The usual yellow colored 18k gold is made by adding mix off silver and copper.

14k White GoldIn the recent years prices of oil and gold have reached new heights although oil prices are lower than before gold is still at its all time high.In the recent 4 5 years gold rates are getting even more than double.Nextly the global recession has made things worse for the gold industry and the people hoping buy it for making their investment secure.

For this, http://www.milagrofilms.ca/ many people cannot afford the gold jewelry specially in the sub continent where people make very heavy gold items in wedding ceremonies.Despite this fact the love of this antique watches will never leave people's heart specially in women, and gold are still being bought worldwide.

But professionals changed trends, earlier yellowish shiny appearance of gold was the genuine article about gold but now people prefer white gold, as it's more trendy and cheap to buy.14k gold is even more cheaper and is getting preferred among many.

14k gold is made with the addition of impurity to pure gold in the ratio 14/24.Since 14k gold is half gold half alloy, so it is cheaper to buy but from a goldsmith's perspective, 14k gold is quite challenging to work on, car without any hardness, so it requires large amount of skill to make precious items out of it.This extra work on it can boost price value of a jewelry item made of 14k gold.

Gold of any karat will invariably have its stamp embossed on the item, so for 14k item a 14k will be stamped on it.However it is not always necessary to have a stamp on a gold item neither does it signifies any accreditation of the correct purity of a gold item.Specially if you are buying jewelry from the center east or the sub continent, always be certain that you're getting the right purity of gold and don't always believe on the embossed stamp.

Some tidbits about 14k white gold or platinumpolishing and cleaning of white gold or platinum, 18k along with 14k, is some what difficult distinctively old jewelry, where as 22k gold is easier to clean even with an acid bath provided there are not any precious stones on it.The hardness of white gold makes hard to remove scratches on it and requires extensive filing by sand paper to get it removed and only then can it go for a final polishing finish.

However mostly white gold is rhodium plated this is the most cheapest and the best choice to give it a good finishing touch.So if you want get your old white gold stuff polished, obtain it rhodium plated.

One final thing about white gold or platinum is that, if you want that a new item be made out of your old stuff then don't neglect to exchange pure gold out of the value of your old material and that is what jewelers usually do but of course after some deduction.This is due to melting out older stuff may vaporize some alloy and with time the alloys also become a real impurity making gold brittle.

Thrilled this gold is refined first, soon after alloy is added again to make it 18k or 14k.

For the charges thing, if you are finding 14k gold price using the net then, you will only find the international market rates marketing online.Usually alloy based gold price varies form place to place.So always ask the price from a local market.These other ways can include organizing their closets and attics, or sometimes.

Last updated on december 13, 2011

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Criteria for picking thumbed

I have a pandora like software system where the user can thumb up a song or thumb down a song.Application, recognized as chavah, is going to be silverlight + c, but this is the language and platform neutral question.

My software needs to choose a song good user's preferences.I need a good protocol for this.Then you decide a random element from the set of all scores, with its opportunity however weighed by its, um, burden.The fast and dirty approach i'd think of here rrs always to sum over all weights.Pick a random number small compared to that sum.Loop total songs until currentweight+songweight> randomnumber(Altogether different currentweight+=songweight)

Clearly one can make this arbitrarily more complex by introducing collaborative filtering: )

Let's say five songs.First two thumbed older, next one thumbed over, two simple.

1:1.5, 2:1.5, 3:0.5, 4:1, 5:1

The sum of the this is5.5.Now we pick a non-Selected number Cheap Pandora Bracelets Canada

Now let's find the song this random number is actually.

Beging with currentweight = 0.First song's dietary = 1.5.Currentweight+1.5 we carry on with, But develop CurrentWeight by this song's weight.

As a result currentweight = 1.5 at this point.Next song's extra fat:Anymore 1.5.Fortunately, currentweight+1.5 == 3 > 2.43789.Therefore we chose the second song!

What you do here is to practically pick a random spot on a line, but increase the"Terrain"On that http://www.milagrofilms.ca/ line in which choose a song if the song is thumbed up.

Whether favored many repetitions or not basically depends on how strongly you increase/decrease the songs' weights.

Cooler: )Well i been feeling a bit, and something i don like about my approach is that it fairly slow, pushing you to loop over, in average sumofweights/2 songs each and every choice.If you can live with even numbered ratios from the weights, you could also just put the songs into a list and choose just just one just put the unthumbed ones twice(As an example), The upthumbed three times since the downthumbed once(This would make same distribution as in the example above, you just not quite as flexible if you like to change those weights)