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Thứ tư, 25 Tháng 12 2013 04:52

Hoạt động phòng giáo dục

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Being a responsible Cheap Ralph Lauren Polo UK artist

Milton glaser wrote the trail to hell, which involve his steps, that as a graphic artist, he thinks would lead him down a way to hell.The road to hell is his personal list of choices and graphic designs that he believes would leave him corrupted due to making designs that are reckless to littlepages the public.Looking at the road to hell by milton glaser, i had to write a few steps for what my road to hell very well be.I also had to write a description and a review on an image that i believe is freewheeling.If milton glaser's the road to hell teaches artists and graphic artists anything, it should be that designing is a moral gray area and you have to you should not design something that might be seen as irresponsible.Come up with your personal steps to your"Route to hell,

1.Designing an ad for a high priced, leading edge pillow that in reality is made from the cheapest materials possible.

2.Designing an ad for a band that makes them sound and appear to be much better musicians than they are.Thus increasing their cd sales and putting additional money in everyone's pockets.

3.Designing a logo for a company in which produces them seem"Pleasant, when really the surroundings is one of the last things on their mind.

4.Designing a cigarette carton with a younger appearance that can be more easily marketed to a younger clientele.If one makes something more"Neat"Hunting, younger adults or underage teens programs try or to purchase that item.

5.Planning an ad for a drug that in studies, has made patients very sick and the drug itself has a very low rate of success.

6.Designing an ad or poster for a child's toy that is proven to be harmful to children.

7.Designing an ad or brochure for a pesticide/insect killer that can be quite toxic to animals, and individuals, where even the particular quantities(If consumed, inhaled or connection with skin)Can lead to many deaths.

Describe a design project that you think is responsible or uncaring.

Lately, appreciate the fact controversy involving the ralph lauren design label for firing a model for being too heavy.Favorite model, filippa hamilton, is 120 pounds.Her contract with the style label was terminated in april.If you think about how much ralph lauren's ads are photoshopped, i wouldn't be surprised if short term installment loan opinion is that all models are too heavy.In photoshopped ads, the waist and hips of the model is comparable size as her head.I believe that these ads are irresponsible to the public because they convey unrealistic expectations that almost no woman can live up to.With ads such as, it is no wonder why women and particularly teenage girls have such a lack of confidence in themselves, low self-Worth, and difficulties with their body.

To read milton glaser's a road to hell please take a look through below:Article about them:Shared by bobbi johnson

I graduated with my bachelors degree in fine arts with emphasis in digital photography training in 2011.I originally i seriously considered an engineer, but i took one photography class and fell fond of it.I love measurement, wat.View summary